Summer & fall workshopS

at the spiritual center ~ 2019

The following workshops are being offered in 2019. All programs begin with a simple supper on the day of arrival and end with a lunch on the day of departure. Donation is inclusive of all meals, housing and presenter fees. Contact Sr. Elizabeth M. Newell, CSJ, for more information, ( or 607-655-2264).

Register with our online form  HERE.

A deposit of $100 ($200 for the Jayne & Sister Paula series) is required when your registration is confirmed by an email from Sr. Liz. Mail your check, made payable to Spiritual Center, to 712 NY Route 79/Windsor, NY 13865, Attention: Sr. Liz. Please include your name, address, phone number and email as well as indicating which of the weekends you want to attend. 

5/12                Mother's Day Tea

Come join us for a scrumptious, multi-course women’s tea prepared and served by the Spiritual Center Sisters and friends. Reserve a seat or a table for six. The event is limited to eighteen women.

2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Attire: Casual Dressy       

Donation: $40     

5/17-19                Jayne and Sister Paula Present - Sr. Paula Matthew, CSJ, & Rev. Jayne Feldman

On these four weekends, Sister Paula will be working with the vibrational frequency of the astrological chart, with its power to heal, align and evolve us. Jayne will continue the frequency work with the power of the violet flame.

Donation: $435. FULL

5/31-6/2            Connect with Your Guides - Level One – Leigh Kapps

Workshop goal:  To use the connection with your guide as a ladder to access higher spiritual levels of consciousness.  During this weekend, you will learn about your guide (how & why they were assigned to you & detailed information about them), the spiritual ray you are serving on in this lifetime, and how to go into your own Akashic Records.  The highpoint of the weekend is receiving a rendering of your guide during a sacred ceremony.  Anyone is eligible to take the workshop but a pre-requisite is to have an Akashic Reading with Dr. Leigh Kapps so she can prepare for your unique experience in the workshop.  Dr. Kapps’ contact is

Donation: $375. 

6/7-9                  Jayne and Sister Paula Present – Sr. Paula Matthew, CSJ, & Rev. Jayne Feldman

Same as above. FULL

6/14-16                  Jayne and Sister Paula Present – Sr. Paula Matthew, CSJ, & Rev. Jayne Feldman

Same as above. FULL

6/21-23                  Jayne and Sister Paula Present – Sr. Paula Matthew, CSJ, & Rev. Jayne Feldman

Same as above. FULL

6/28-30              New Stages of Awakening with the Ascended Masters – Brigitte Boyea

2019 brings us even closer to our Christed Self. What does that mean to us on an individual level and how can we support this process without falling back to old habits?

 During this retreat St. Germain together with his higher aspect Eolia, Jesus' higher aspect Sananda and Lady Nada will guide you into the greater mysteries of your Christed Self to gain a clearer understanding of your new role on earth.

 As we walk free from all attachments centered in the present moment, magic can happen, and new stages of awakening can be reached. Allow keys of light to be activated within you to open up pathways to new consciousness and a new experience of Self.

 A ceremony Saturday evening will seal your connection to your Christed Master Self with a specific Ascended Masters as your guide. This will become the basis for your new work as a way shower on Earth.

Donation: $422. Limited to 11 participants.

7/5-7                   Mary Magdalena - A Divine Mother for Our Time - Kris Kearns

Mary Magdalena
Beloved of Jesus. First Apostle. Scorned Woman. Teacher. 
Healer. Oppressed. Dismissed.  And now -- Sainted.  
Explore her life and journey -
Who was she?  Who IS she?
Why is there such growing interest about Mary Magdalena?  
Why is she being talked about, read about around the world? And-- Why now?
Come to the Spiritual Center to explore these questions.
Come explore your connection with Mary Magdalena. 
We will 

  • learn more about the Divine Feminine 
  • learn about Mary Magdalena's spiritual Path of Devotion
  • explore ways to dive more deeply into your own Path through meditation, conscious breathing, sharing stories, simple chanting
  • learn about the Magdalena high frequency energies available now on the planet for the first time in 2000 years. 

Now is the Time.  Now is Your Time. 

Donation $375.  Limited to 12 participants.

7/12-14                Magdalena Practitioner Retreat (closed group) – Kris Kearns

7/19-21                Re-Visioning Mary: Mirror of the Feminine Divine A Creative & Contemplative Exploration – Yvonne Lucia  
“The tragic imbalance of the masculine has brought humankind to the point of disaster, and unless we recover the feminine powers of the psyche, the powers of intuition, patience, reverence for nature, and knowledge of the holy unity of things, and marry in our depths these powers with the masculine energies of rule, reason, passion for order and control, life on the planet will end.” ~ Andrew Harvey, The Return of the Mother
 You are invited to an experience of the Divine Feminine during this contemplative retreat featuring the installation of Yvonne M. Lucia’s contemporary icons of Mary surrounding a replica of the Chartres Labyrinth. The paintings are intended as reflections of the feminine principle that resides within each of us, male and female alike.  As a symbol, Mary mirrors what we are meant to become: men and women filled with grace and the God-seed, who birth our divine potential into the world.  The icons are placed around the perimeter of the labyrinth, a non-linear walking path which invites viewers to slow down and reflect inwardly as the images are encountered. Inspired by the icons, we will work with image, symbol, song, poetry and movement to invoke Mary as a healing balm for our broken places and for our wounded Mother Earth. 

Donation: $325.

7/26-28                Journey into the Soul of the Kabbalistic Tree with the Ascended Masters – Brigitte Boyea

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is not just a map to guide you on your path of ascension. It is a tree that is alive with consciousness and purpose for those who are willing to take the journey into the deeper mysteries of life.

Each branch represents access to divine forces that support you on this path. But the Kabbalistic Tree of Life also has a soul anchored deep within the very heart of the tree itself. This soul reaches out to you when the time is right to direct you to another level of self-realization.

 Just like your own Soul is the bridge between your physical self and your Divine I Am Presence, the Soul of the Kabbalistic Tree is the bridge that allows you to reach past the swirling light of Kether into the loving embrace of Ein Sof, the divine essence that exists beyond any form of manifestation. Once you enter this state of alignment, much transformation can take place.

During this weekend the Ascended Masters together with the Archangels will assist you in entering the Soul of the Kabbalistic Tree to experience a new connection with your Divine Self and Ein Sof. Different levels of activations will be offered to awaken divine forces within you that will support this new alignment.

It is recommended that you have already a certain level of knowledge of Kabbalah to enjoy the benefits of the teachings that this particular retreat offers. But the energies released during the three days will certainly bring transformation, no matter what.

Donation: $422. Limited to 11 participants.


8/2-4                Connect with your Guides - advanced (1) - Leigh Kapps

Prerequisite is the Level One course.

Donation: $375. FULL

8/9-11               Connect With Your Guides - advanced (2) – Leigh Kapps

Prerequisite is the Level One course.

Donation: $375. FULL


8/16-18               Connect with your Guides - Level 1 - Leigh Kapps

Same as 5/31-6/2 above. 

9/6-8             Wisdom in Wood - Sister Lois Barton, CSJ with Sr. Susan Reschke & Sister Paula Matthew

The Gallery of the Soul at the Spiritual Center (see Galleries page on this website) houses the large, original, hardwood sculptures of Sister Paula Matthew. Each piece has much to teach those willing to delve the wisdom that lies within the wood. During this weekend retreat, participants will encounter Journey to the Overself, a striking work in black walnut. Through personal and communal reflection on the symbols and poetry associated with the piece, in music, movement and times of silence, the possibilities of personal transformation  begin to unfold. “The task,” Sister Paula says, “is to go inside the experience for what it has to reveal to you.”

Donation: $350.

9/13-15                Archangel Michael Workshop – Rev. Jayne Feldman
Gift yourself a weekend of spiritual upliftment, rejuvenation and empowerment from the sacred words, sacred sound, and sacred art that Archangel Michael inspires Jayne to share with you.

Donation: $325.

Please note: this weekend is limited to 13 participants.


9/20-22                Archangel Michael Workshop – Rev. Jayne Feldman

Same as above.

9/27-29                And the Teachings from Beyond the Solar System Continue…! – Brigitte Boyea

2019 holds the vibration of 12 and 3 as you add up the numbers. It is a year that is meant to stabilize you after all the purging and transformation experienced in the last few years. This will make it easier for you to maintain balance and focus during the birthing process of a new consciousness of love and peace experienced here on earth at this time. 

Divine Masters from other galaxies understand the importance of nurturing you during this time of intensity as shifts in consciousness continue everywhere. Maintaining strength, courage, love and compassion assists not only with the changes taking place on earth, but also within this Universe as a whole. Therefore, representatives of Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, Pleiades, Lyra and other galactic civilizations are once again using this weekend to support you on your journey of continued awakening. Unique guidance, healing and teachings will be offered to sustain and strengthen you and your commitment to be a channel and instrument of the Hierarchy of Light. 

A unique ceremony will take place Saturday evening to reinforce the alignment of your heart and soul with the cosmic heart and soul of this universe. Just as the sun is a doorway to the heart of our galaxy, the Milky Way, your heart and soul becomes the doorway for Universal Consciousnessof Love to be anchored on Earth.

Donation: $422. Limited to 11 participants.

10/ 4-6               Shamanic Sound Healing for Ascension with Barbara Lynn Chambers

As we are quickly moving into the 5th dimension, this special sound healing weekend has been created to prepare and assist you in “opening” to receive the new cosmic ascension codes and help anchor them securely into your body.

Through journeywork and meditation, you will utilize the Harmonic Portal of Sound, and be taken back to your very first incarnation where you will reconnect with ancient energies. These energies will help to clear and remove any infractions that may have occurred throughout your various lifetimes here on earth- causing timeline shifts- and your unique Soul Purpose to be hidden.  You will rest and dream the first evening as you prepare for the next level of work.

The next morning, we will begin the preparation for the removal of all stagnant energies and dis-ease that may have accumulated in or around the body. We will demonstrate and work with various sound healing techniques. This intensive work will provide a thorough healing of the body as we will also work “one on one” with the sounding and vibration of the large Tibetan bowls. These bowls are VERY powerful and duplicate the sacred geometry patterns of Nature as they are vibrated deeply into the core of the body. Magic can occur with these bowls! Each person will give and receive this healing on and around the body.

On Saturday evening, we will participate in a sacred ceremony where  we will fully activate and bring forward our Cosmic Ascension codes.  

Through an activation with the voice, crystal pyramids, tuning forks and Tibetan bowls, your individual codes will be activated as you step into a new level of growth, expansion and understanding of your personal path and purpose.

Our weekend will conclude on Sunday with a very special ceremony to bless the sacred land of Windsor…… co created by Lynn and Sister Susan.

* No prerequisites

Donation: $350. Limited to 12 participants.

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